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"A Great Tool from Any Perspective - I have been working with RAM for over three years. The insights provided by the RAM studies are worth their weight in gold. For most clients, the cost associated with doing this type of market research is prohibitive. Consequently, being able to provide this type of research gives me a competitive edge.

RAM bridges the gap between high quality market research and affordability. Their surveys tap into the current market with speed and accuracy without sacrificing the quality and depth needed to understand today’s multi-screen advertising ecosystem. Using their reports has empowered me, as well as the sales and marketing teams at LIN Digital and KXAN, to be able to present actionable intelligence, in an easy to understand format. Personally, some of the best reactions from clients when reviewing these reports are their willingness to accept recommendations to their current go-to-market strategy. RAM has helped me close some very large deals with the research they have provided. It has also made me an indispensable member of my clients’ marketing initiatives."

-Jason Kovarik, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, KXAN

"RAM Panel offers my client detailed feedback from their target consumer. This tool gives myself and every other AE research and analysis to prove what works best for their client.”

-James M, Digital Marketing Consultant, KXAN 

“Great for added value to help guide current and future campaigns. It’s a high level business intelligence that our clients see as powerful and relevant.”

-Aaron B, Digital Marketing Spec, KXAN

“RAM is an excellent resource for any business wanting a greater understanding of who their audience is and what they want. The research they do is second to none.”

-Jason Kovarik, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, KXAN

“RAM panel testing removes our own personal prejudices about the work and instead replaces that with the reaction of appropriate customers."

-Catfish Russ, Creative Director, KXAN

“The insights provided by the RAM studies are worth their weight in gold.”

-Jason Kovarik, Senior Digital Marketing Consultant, KXAN

The Irish Times

"As a new joiner to the Irish Times Media Solutions team, Dianne’s introduction to RAM was a revelation to me. Digital is often only unfairly measured using quantitative metrics with little or no measurement of the established salience metrics. RAM solves this for us.  I believe it will be an increasingly important tool for our digital measurement going forward. Personally, I’m looking forward to using it more frequently to give us an edge and help clients realise and understand the true value of digital advertising with The Irish Times”

- David Murphy, Head of Digital Solutions, The Irish Times


We did a series of editorial content measurements with RAM using their user friendly tools. We decided to measure articles during one year.

Our main goal was to find out what kind of articles engage readers and keep them subscribing the newspaper. The articles were analyzed using Article Snapshot and WAI (Wilberg article index), tools in RAMetrics analyzing toolkit.

Article Snapshot is used for showing the correlation between the overall impression of the article and other statements. Wilberg Article Index (WAI) presents articles in a fourfold table depending on their reading and engagement. The engagement factor consists of the following statements concerning the article: appeals to me, well written, interesting and important content. The articles with the highest scores in reading and engagement are placed in the upper right corner called the Blockbuster. The upper left corner includes the articles with a high reading but low engagement. The articles in question might have for example many images attracting attention but the text is not considered interesting. The articles in the lower right corner engage the reader but they haven’t been noticed well. These articles may be targeted to a more specific target group, for example.

We went through the results with the research department and editorial staff regularly in order to achieve more engaging content for the newspaper. The measurements gave valuable information for developing editorial content into a more engaging direction. Based on the measurements it is important that the article is regarded as useful, well written and includes themes like nutrition, nature, traffic and ecological aspect.

-Karjalainen, Head of Marketing and Research Heli Räsänen

A-lehdet Oy

We started to use RAM Inviso in blog portal in the autumn 2013. Lily consists of over 6000 bloggers. With the help of RAM Inviso measurements we have been able to direct ad and editorial measurements directly to the right target groups - those who actually have been exposed to advertising or visited a certain blog during the measurement period. Invisohas enabled more reliable and efficient results, both when measuring single display advertising and multi-media campaigns. With the profile information provided by Inviso tracking,  we know Lily's different target groups better - including their online behavior and interests.”

- Tuuli Toivainen, planningdirector, A-lehdet Oy

Turun Sanomat

Turun Sanomat newspaper has recently converted to multipanel system, offered by RAM, including the printed newspaper, and three other media platforms – website, mobile and tablet users. Easy-to-use advertising and editorial content measurements, provided by RAM system, have made it possible to measure campaign effectiveness and the transforming media habits among printed, digital and mobile content users in an even more detailed level, bringing us and our advertisers more knowledge and understanding in the future about how to plan multimedia campaigns and editorial content.

- Salla Lehto, Research Manager, Turun Sanomat

The Irish Times - Testimonial

RAM is a crucial tool for The Irish Times: it is proof to our clients how seriously invested we are in their success. Many advertisers have been won and maintained through our continuous RAM research and reporting. We can test print and online ads, sponsored content and innovative campaigns, run creative pre-testing and bespoke surveys based on client needs. We use RAM extensively and creatively: it’s a fast, flexible and user-friendly tool.  Customer service is impeccable: RAM are highly engaged with newsmedia providers and full of innovative ideas and work-arounds for trying something new. I couldn’t recommend RAM more highly: below are just some of the ways it has worked for us.

-Irene Fogarty, Research Executive, The Irish Times.

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Guardian News & Media

RAM's ad effectiveness research solution has become an integral part of our commercial offering over the last five years. As news brands continue to grow and evolve in a multi-platform world we have sought to package up our audience in new and innovative ways. Proving the the impact of multi-platform advertising is a vital component of this new approach - something that is made both simple, scaleable and effective with RAM - and something that resonates strongly with our agencies and clients

-Ian Gibbs, Head of Commercial Insight, Audience Department, Guardian News & Media

Star Tribune

Of all our research partners, none is more strategic to our business than RAM. The data we get from our reader panel helps us shape our coverage, improve our products, and identify new revenue opportunities. More important, RAM helps position us as true partners to our advertisers. As a market, Minnesota and the Minneapolis-St. Paul area have unique attributes.
The insights we are able to share with advertisers about our readers’ perceptions and preferences, category trends, and shopper behavior help drive literally millions in revenue for Star Tribune.

-Steve Yaeger Vice President, Marketing & Public Relations, Star Tribune

The Arizona Republic

RAM ger våra marknadsförare och redaktörsteam värdefull och användbar realtidsinformation. Förutom att våra annonsörer uppskattar återkopplingen från läsarna, har många av dem kunnat göra förändringar i sin marknadskommunikation och -design, vilket har lett till förbättrade resultat. Förbättrade resultat för dem ger ökade intäkter för oss. Alla tjänar på det.

-Tracey Kennedy, Affärsutvecklingschef, The Arizona Republic

The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News

Under de år som vi har använt RAM har det blivit en oumbärlig del av våra presentationer för annonsörerna. Vi får den diagnostiska information vi behöver för att kunna visa tidningarnas värde för annonsörerna.

-Phil Witherow, Marknadsundersökningschef, The Philadelphia Inquirer/Daily News

The Statesmen Journal

RAM är ett värdefullt verktyg för redaktörer eftersom man får omedelbar och maximerad information om de egna läsarna, och vad som engagerar dem som grupp. Det är som en marknadsundersökning och analys i ett – med bara några klick kan man analysera sitt mästerverk från dag till dag, se vad som fungerade och inte – och vad som behöver bearbetas lite mer.

-Bill Church, Chefredaktör, The Statesmen Journal

Verdens Gang

VG har använt RAM sedan 2006. Under årens lopp har RAM:s annonstester utgjort en mycket viktig del av de tjänster vi tillhandahåller våra kunder. Det är inte ovanligt att annonsörerna utgår ifrån att vi gör ett RAM-test när de beställer en annonskampanj. Det största mervärdet för oss ligger dock i alla de tester som gjorts tidigare. Rapporter om den här typen av data från RAMetrics ger oss en ovärderlig kunskap om VG:s styrkor och svagheter som annonsmedium.

-Katrine Torkildsby-Reine, Marknadsanalytiker, Verdens Gang


RAM:s panelmetodik är ett oumbärligt marknadsundersökningsverktyg för oss på Kärkimedia. Vi använder annonsmätningarna på bred front i samarbetet med våra kunder, ofta för att planera hur vi kan förbättra resultaten för tidningsannonsering. Med hjälp av den databas vi byggt upp under flera års tid kan vi också göra en djupare analys, som ligger till grund för planeringen av tidningsannonseringen.

-Maris Tuvikene, Planeringsansvarig, Kärkimedia


RAM är ett enkelt, snabbt och prisvärt instrument som ger mycket värdefull kunskap om hur man förbättrar resultatet av sin annonsering. Vare sig resultaten är bra eller dåliga, ger de ett utmärkt tillfälle till konstruktiva diskussioner med kunden. De ger även många värdefulla säljargument. Jag har aldrig varit särskilt förtjust i att testa copy med trista, traditionella metoder –men jag har kapitulerat inför den innovativa RAM-metoden!

-Joachim Gröbe, Marknadsföringstjänster, SÜDKURIER

The Irish Times

The Irish Times använder RAM för att öka intäkterna, inte bara från våra befintliga kunder utan även för att generera nya intäkter. Kunderna älskar RAM. De får detaljinformation om hur deras annons har fungerat eller inte fungerat. Exempelvis presenterade vi RAM-data för en stormarknadskedja på en måndag och fick tre nya annonsbokningar från dem redan på onsdagen samma vecka. En RAM-undersökning av en bokhandels julkampanj ledde till ytterligare bokningar. Vi tar även med exempel på framgångsrika annonser – som utvärderats med RAM – när vi besöker nya kunder, för att visa dem vilka resultat de kan uppnå om de annonserar hos oss. RAM är en ypperlig dörröppnare när det gäller att få komma och besöka kunderna – istället för att bara sälja till dem, kan vi erbjuda dem marknadsundersökningar av deras varumärke, vilket gör det lättare att boka möten.

-Pier Wall, Senior säljchef, The Irish Times.

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