RAM reports gets a brand new design and faster execution

RAM reports gets a brand new design and faster execution.

We are happy to announce two new releases within our RAM system. An upgrade with a new look and feel in our survey reports and improvements in running reference data reports, effecting May 28th.


Survey Reports

After reviewing how to find, run and view our reports, we decided to start an upgrade project to change, improve and enhance our tools and system. On May 28th we will launch our new look and feel with new graph design, new filter functions and a easier and faster way to run reports.

Reference data

We are also launching a new search engine for reference data searches.
The new engine will increase the speed to retrieve data significantly from today's version and free up time for you as a client.

With the new engine we launch two new data indexes:
RamSurveys: This index includes all RAM conducted surveys, 160.000 references.
RamSurveyAnswers: This index includes all survey answers with more than 60.000.000 interviews - The world's largest reference data base for effectiveness studies