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Launching a new service - RAM Inviso

Increased engagement and increased revenue. These are the objectives behind the launch of Inviso. RAM Inviso provides a unique measuring technique which enables our customers to get to know their readers and visitors in a way that was not previously possible.

"For the first time ever, it will be possible to translate digital exposures into actual individuals. You can show the advertiser exposure frequency, when and from what platform a specific target group was exposed to an ad campaign, online video or article, and, above all, how the content was perceived and received," says Rickard Öhrn, CEO of RAM.

Our new service was first shown at the INMA World Wide Conference in New York in May 2013, where it attracted a lot of interest due to the fact that new possibilities it opens up for media houses.

"The media houses are given an in depth knowledge of observation, as well as how different types of content calls to action. By using their reader population they can also clearly see how different combinations of media channels strengthen both the message as well as the advertising effectiveness." continues Rickard Öhrn.

The technique is also valuable when it comes to strengthening the ties with their readers, which may help boost revenue.

"Each media type has several different readership profile groups. We can now see which type of content creates loyalty among each readership profile group. We know that increased loyalty also increases the willingness to pay," concludes Rickard Öhrn.

RAM Inviso is currently being tested by around 60 customers.

For more information about RAM Inviso please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Focus on analysis at INMA

RAM has signed a partnership agreement with INMA, the world's leading organization for media corporations, with the goal of spreading new marketing ideas and being supportive in the industry's ongoing global change process.

The international media landscape is in the midst of change. This means that the importance of surveys and analyses that measure the value of content and ads in the various media is growing. This is also something that the collaboration agreement with RAM has been designed to demonstrate and support.

"Basically, all INMA members have a need for services that measure the impact of ads in print as well as digital media. The purpose of this partnership with RAM is to highlight the importance of measuring and demonstrating value, relevance and engagement in ads and media content.RAM is the perfect partner to strengthen the bond between the analysis department and the management of media corporations," says Earl J. Wilkinson, CEO of INMA.

The partnership agreement covers the 2013-2014 period and means that RAM will support INMA activities in North America, Europe, Latin America, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. INMA (International News Media Association) is the world's leading supplier of best practice for increasing audience and revenues, and strengthening brands for media corporations.INMA has more than 5,000 members in 80 countries and works towards improving business models for media corporations.


The Irish Times use RAM to drive revenue from not only existing clients but also new revenue:
Clients love RAM: they get detail about how their insert worked or didn’t work. We gave one supermarket chain their RAM feedback on a Monday and secured three further ad bookings from them by the Wednesday. The RAM research we did for a book store on their Christmas insert campaign led to further bookings. We also take examples of successful inserts measured on RAM out to new clients to show them what results they could get by advertising with us. RAM is a great opening for us in accessing clients - instead of just selling to them we can offer them research on their brand which gets us appointments.

-Pier Wall, Senior Sales Manager, The Irish Times.


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