RAM takes Online-as-a-media-channel to the next level by launching a new Digital Ad Receipt for online advertising campaigns

PRESS RELEASE 2016-09-15

RAM, one of the world’s leading media research companies with the world’s largest reference database on how communication works, has launched a new Digital Advertising Receipt for online audience measurements to Publishers, Agencies and Marketers. This Digital Ad Receipt includes information about the number of people the campaign has reached, frequency of exposures and GRP’s (Gross Rating Points). An online campaign can now finally be compared to other audience media measurements and advertising investments.

“To calculate the ROI for a digital advertising investment marketers needs to know how many actual individuals they have reached, and also how many times the ad has been presented to the audience across the whole campaign. To maintain or encourage increased online advertising investment it is not sufficient to provide an advertising receipt to a marketer showing only the number of delivered impressions and clicks or the gross numbers of unique browsers” says Björn Engvall – COO, RAM Group

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To many marketers planning an online advertising campaign, ROI is hard to measure. In many cases they have difficulty in ascertaining exactly what inventory they are buying and who has been exposed to the campaign. With the launch of the Digital Ad Receipt RAM have solved that problem. Through concise and precise metrics, RAM provides marketers with easy-to-understand information on how their campaign works. The unique individual based metrics and frequency makes online results comparable to other media types, such as TV, print, radio etc. giving marketers and publishers a unique tool to grow their online revenues. RAM’s Digital Ad Receipt initiative can support marketers and publishers in 70+ markets with access to 20 million panelists worldwide.

“RAM continues to evolve our product suite to support all media types. Publishers need innovative measurement tools to show advertisers that online works for branding and promotion campaigns and RAM’s Digital Ad Receipt now allows them to move beyond using imprecise measures such as unique browsers, impressions and clicks, to more relevant metrics such as audience reach (people), GRP’s, frequency and demographics. That is what truly builds ROI measurement”, concludes Björn Engvall, COO RAM Group

All RAM Worldwide clients will immediately have access to the Digital Ad Receipt which includes six standard demographic metrics for the full campaign. All metrics can easily be changed to reflect target group data enabling the advertiser to ascertain the total campaign reach combined with their target audience in absolute numbers. RAM collects 40+ sociodemographic data points from panelists to give highly detailed audience insight to marketers, agencies and publishers.

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