RAM’s brand new design is coming your way on October 15!

After listening to your feedback, RAM is launching a completely new design with additional new features which includes improved navigation, enhanced functions, and an overall better user experience. 

Highlights include:
·         A new design of the system so it becomes more attractive - but also much easier to use.
·         The interface for order surveys has had a facelift and becomes more intuitive and user-friendly.
·         Introduction of some new features of the system such as collecting all help matters under a button which we call RAM Assistance. Here you will initially find “manual order”, but in the future we will also include information on new service and help functions. All in the one place.
·         Easier registration for the panel members and also the facility to make it easier to update their profile.

ram ny design jpgThis is just the beginning of the continuous updating we are doing across all areas of RAM's product and services portfolio. We are for example right now working on updates to our reporting/output system which will lead to new and attractive design, but also you can look forward to exciting new services and features.




Thank you for your feedback, it is essential for us and we hope you will enjoy working with our new design!