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About RAM

RAM, Research and Analysis of Media AB, is an international media research company. With about 1000 clients in 18 countries RAM provides the industry with pioneering statistics of how ads, articles and other media communication are consumed and understood for both print and digital media. RAM works with online surveys and analysis of advertising and editorial content for media companies, media consultants and advertisers worldwide.

RAM’s vision is to provide easy to use advanced IT solutions and be the world’s leading supplier of knowledge-based and cost efficient analysis services for media companies. With probably the largest reference database in the world for media, RAM compare measured results against standard values in order to evaluate the results achieved. In a period of over 10 years, RAM has carried out over 50 million interviews of ads and editorial content in order to measure the effectiveness of the communication and the database is continuously growing.

Research and Analysis of Media (RAM) was founded in 2001 with its headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. In 2007, RAM started a subsidiary company in the United States, Research and Analysis of Media of Americas Inc. and subsidiaries also in Norway and Finland in 2008. RAM opened 2008 an office in London for the UK & Ireland and most recently in Germany in 2012.

Our clients
RAM has a global client base with clients in the USA, UK, Ireland, Canada, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Chile and Barbados.

The RAM Method

RAM provides a critical link between media and its audience. Digital surveys measure how ads and articles are read and perceived by the general media audience as well as a target audience. In as little as 24 hours, RAM can collect data from targeted panels and validate these results against our reference database, which houses over 50 million interviews, from 500,000 panel members, in 18 different countries.

RAM makes analyzing data easy and efficient. Smart online based analytics offer immediate access to results. Subscribing clients have access to the results from 50 million interviews at their fingertips and can filter data by target group, industry/media type, location and various other parameters and easily export data to create effective client presentations.

Panels are recruited by each media to represent a target audience, usually via ads or banners referring the reader/consumer to a registration page at RAM. Panelists register and answer questions concerning socio-demographics, reading frequency and interests. Participation is voluntary and based on the panelist’s relationship with the media. RAM panels have high response rates, around 40-60%, worldwide.

Surveys – standard and Ad Hoc
Standard surveys target recognition and engagement of media content. When a RAM survey is commissioned the client uploads the media content to be measured and an assembled online panel is used as sample. Results are available online directly after the survey is completed and data is weighted against the target audience. Several ads, articles or banners can be measured at the same time, allowing clients to quickly build a channel/media specific reference database. RAM gathers additional data from panelists through ad hoc surveys, which include two types: add-on surveys added to established surveys or stand-alone surveys, the latter need not be attached to any other RAM measurement. Add-on surveys gather additional information by asking panelists additional questions. Images, audio, and video can be combined into these surveys. Stand-alone surveys provide feedback from panelists on content that has not yet been published - a great way to test upcoming editorial themes, page layouts, and advertising concepts.

The RAM system is a fully functional and complete research tool. For example, RAM can be the source for research on entire sections through the Page Traffic study, or analyze a single page or home page in a Page Quality survey. In addition, Consumer Behavior studies reflect the position of specific brands in the market and Campaign Measurements aid advertisers monitor performance from all their channels and maximize their spend in Media.

Dynamic reference database
RAM’s dynamic database allows clients to make target group analyses and retrieve references or normative values for ads and editorial content. Subscribing clients have access to one of the largest benchmarking databases in the world. Comparisons can be made according to industry, channel, location, media and much more.


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